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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
The 1200 was too little and too late.
I think thats rather harsh. The 1200 was a good compromise on hardware and cost. I'm sure Commodore specifically wanted to keep the 1200 down to the 399 price point that they dominated so successfully with the 500. Improvements to the sound and a high density floppy would have been nice but would have pushed the price up. The Atari Falcon had some of these features but I think the price point was not competitive. PC's were still expensive at the time the A1200 was released. I can't think of any other machines that competed strongly against the A1200 in late 1992. The machine had a run of around 2-3 years which at that time was a reasonable run. Technology was progressing at a fantastic rate around that time. The Playstation was released around 94/95 and PC's were much more affordable both of which pretty much destroyed any other systems.
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