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Just a quick update on some reality tips I have discovered whilst working on my adventure game:

The sprites for baddies should be drawn with them facing right followed by facing left

You must name all your rooms - otherwise if you click on game setup option and then select view reality will crash - Also if you try to select view in the room names editor reality will crash unless an exisiting room name has been added - if you are creating a bigger map than the game on the skeleton disk the best option is probably to just name the rooms R1, R2 and then put in fuller descriptions later on - at least this way you can still preview the rooms in game setup editior.

Biggest frustration so far is if you switch the score panel to top view - which is easy to do by just changing the option from 0 to 1 in the Edit Stats editor, then the in screen item option selection menu doesn't work - I can't find a way to realign the cursors as they need to shift downwards.
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