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Originally Posted by Zerotech View Post
I recently have purchased one of those adapters from and I was watching a few youtube videos about it that it also includes a kickstart 3.1 rom.

Link to the card for sale -

- Does the Kickstart 3.1 ROM are required to use the accelerator card?
- Could I use my Kickstart 2.05 37.300 Rom to run the card?
- What is the recommended Workbench Vesion to use on that card?
- Will that card conflict with a modified Dual-Kickstart ROM Switcher? The settings are Kickstart 1.3 for A500 and Kickstart 2.05 37.300 for the A600.
- Any negative impact with the CF-IDE Mod on the ACA620?

Since my Amiga 600 has a dual kickstart rom switcher will that have any effect on the installation and running the card? I appreciate your feedback guys.
1) No
2) Yes
3) WB 2.04 will work fine (most people use 3.1 KS and WB).
4) KS switcher should continue working fine.
5) CF-IDE should continue working fine.
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