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Originally Posted by ajack View Post

Will you be willing to build me a unit?

First of all I would have to assemble a unit myself and see it working.

Second, I will probably not put the same effort into building such a nice
parallell-port adapter PCB as the author did.

I will perhaps try and pursue the idea of making an internal version (design an adapter PCB between CIA's and their sockets that also holds the Arduino modules and perhaps electronic switch IC's to connect the CIA signals to either them or to the 25pin parallell port).

If the modules sit next to each other instead of on top of each other, it might be possible. Another thing is the ethernet connector needed on the outside.

I already mounted that since I now use a router board inside my A500+ to get internet/LAN access using PPP via serial port which is kinda slow, but quite usable for IRC and smaller file transfers:
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