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Originally Posted by ref View Post
Debugger window isn't resizable. Console history pane is too tight and it always needs scrolling.
GUI debugger unfortunately is not supported by me, it was not done by me and I don't need or use it. I only use console one (use xx command to switch between them).

Creating Save States within the debugger:
Not possible. (Working) state file can be only created when emulated hardware is at the start of frame (vertical position = 0 and horizontal position = 0)

pause: is it possible to pause emulation from debugger (to go into properties (F12) menu and change disk, save a state etc.)
I thought I had added input event injection command to debugger but I guess I forgot..

Break on Change: I couldn't manage to trigger C directive of w (watchmem) command. w 0 $222222 1 C does not trigger anything. As I
You also need to tell it to do read or write check. It isn't that logical

"w 0 222222 1 w c" will work.

write. Eg. w with W directive breaks on when only a read is made. it may be a bug or my misunderstanding of 68k code.
Works for me. Need more information.

w command for registers: is it possible to set a trigger on a register?
No and I am not sure if it is that useful.
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