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Originally Posted by Strider View Post
There's also the possibility of a second volume that could include machines like the CD32 and 1200 and cover a lot of the other making ofs we couldn't fit in this first book.
Why not do a BIG Amiga Vol 2 such as below........

All the Amiga systems ( A600/A1200/CD32 and so on )

How about a feature on Dizzy how it advanced from the 8bit to the Amiga version

A big feature on Dungeon Crawlers, such as Abandoned Places, Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder

A feature on the surge in Amiga gaming and how prices have soared for many Amiga titles

Homebrew releases for the Amiga

Devices sold today for the Amiga, such as the Gotek

How about a cool feature on modified Amiga's, those with paint jobs and the like?

Even a feature on WinUAE by Toni Wilen and how it's used to play retro gaming and install Amiga Os's on CF cards

Rare and unusual Amiga games

How about a feature on the problems we have nowadays with Battery and Capacitor leakages in A500's?

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