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Best all round machine?

Having owned pretty much every UK released 8/16 bit home computer (and consoles) in the past 30 or so years I was wondering what was the general consensus on which was the best all round machine? By this I mean in terms of what you got for your money!

The Amiga must rate quite high not only because of it's technical capabilities but also it's longevity? But I wonder if there is a 'list' not based on popularity but cold hard technical facts and UK retail price at launch?

my own opinion for top three contenders are:

1. ZX Spectrum -High res colour graphics, sound and plenty of software at an affordable price

2. Amiga A1200 - Versatile and useful beyond it's shelf-life

3. N64 - Tech spec and Game library, still good to play today!

Of course this is just my opinion but the Amiga may come out top in an offcial poll (not just fanboys)
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