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If I can add my two cents.. trying to be unbiased as much as possible. Note: I would like to underline I do have an UII and most likely I will buy this UK1541 as well. I'm a Commodore computers collector so I like to have the broadest range of functions available.

These kind of classifications with "near", "closer", "between" etc are a bit improper. In my opinion here you are comparing apples with oranges. Each card has its own strong and weak points, it depends on who the user is (casual gamer, demo enthusiast, programmer, commodore computers collector, advanced user?) and what he is searching for.

UK1541 born as true drive emulation, when the firmware will be finished, it will be a 1541 complete drive emulation rig at a very good price, but being attached to the user port where there is no C64 bus limits the possibilities from the standpoint of DMA and Bios emulation.. most likely these were not among the objectives of the project itself. On the other hand UII has a lot of functions an advanced user can take advantage of but has a price tag that is aligned with the level of performance provided. C64SD Princess, on the other hand, has the possibility to be used for both TAP and Disk (sd2iec, not emulation) on all Commodore 8bit from VIC20 onward.

Being on the user side you have all the ways open in front of you.. it depends only on what you expect and how much you would like to spend.
Trying to determine if this is better than that in my opinion is a bit sterile, there is no best product, there is the product that is right for that specific user.

What is important, then, is to inform the end user on what he's buying so he can take the right decision.

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