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Well this armchair critic was largely happy with what you did.

The 'alternative' was Tiertex........and they REALLY didnt give a fuck at all.

The main problem for the Amiga was always the Atari ST, because it was relatively easy to transfer the results from ST to Amiga, it wasnt until later in the Amigas life that the Amiga was treated differently when sales of Amiga titles were outselling ST versions, but by then, the damage was done, lots of people assumed the Amiga wasnt quite as good as they thought, so they fucked off to the consoles.

With developers like early Teque and Tiertex (teque improved later), they were happy to undercut everyone and do all 8 and 16 bit versions, which must have been brilliant for Ocean and US Gold, not so much for the end user who wondered why Chase HQ on their Amiga was actually slower than the Spectrum version :/

I liked your shit Richard, you made an effort, and what people dont seem to be able to accept is this:

Imagine Tiertex got the gig for Final Fight.........lets see you shed some proper fucking tears eh?
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