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Originally Posted by UberFreak View Post
Not even close to being an "Ultimate Killer"...

Personally, I never understood the appeal of disk emulators with their own tiny LCD screen.
The computer is already connected to monitor/tv, much more convenient to use that, like the 1541U does.

I see the 1541U as the best all-in-one solution (floppy emu + speeder cart + EasyFlash + REU) and much more convenient than the UK1541.

My opinion, of course!
No you are correct but I hope my review was fair?

Have added a bit at the bottom to those like myself who are Ultimate owners

It could be a top of the line product and it certainly looks it visually. When finished and feature complete it could dominate the SD2IEC, but at the moment I put it somewhere between an SD2IEC and an C64SD (based on the display), but nowhere near a 1541 Ultimate-II. Yet as I said it still needs work, not the device hardware, but the firmware and support.
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