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Beta 4:

- HAM-E images updated only every other line in doubled modes.
- Graffiti didn't sync correctly if config was not AGA.
- Restart button crashed if hardware RTG was enabled.
- PCMCIA IDE didn't work anymore (b2)
- .pkd file extension inside archive wasn't autodetected.
- Disk/CD insert status message file name was shown as "null" if file was inside archive root.
- HD and tape SCSI emulation unsupported LUN sense data was overwritten with default ILLEGAL FIELD IN CDB sense data.
- CD SCSI emulator didn't check for non-zero LUNs.
- Return SCSI-1 HD inquiry data only if A590/A2091.
- Show also REQUEST SENSE command and data if scsi emulation logging is enabled.
- 68000 prefetch mode DIVS/DIVU timing update didn't work, always returned 4 cycles due to missing parenthesis.
- Switching chip ram and/or slow ram size usually crashed after reset if ECS Agnus was selected.
- Some very old statefiles had Z2 fast ram with zeroed autoconfig address, added workaround (broke during 2.9 betas)
- Added fl <lines to wait> or fl <absolute line> <absolute hpos> and fc <CCKs to wait> break points to debugger.
- Z3 space memory mapping was not initialized if only non-RAM/VRAM Z3 expansions are configured.
- Clock sync feature update, previously only 50Hz CIA-A TOD rate was fully accurate.
- Load CDTV/CD32 state file, load other state file: CDTV/CD32 CD was still mounted.
- Yet another bitplane DMA sequencer emulation rewrite and cleanups. Still some bitplane DMA on/off switch edge cases remaining Switch on bitplane DMA near end the scanline: following line starts DMA for one "block" only, next line works normally. This needs more real hardware testing to find exact conditions.
- Source cleanup, moved all kinds of device init/free/interrupt check codes to common file from non-related source files.
- Added name to UAE Boot ROM DiagArea. (May be visible in some system info/diagnostics software)
- HALT status was not cleared when loading new state file.
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