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Ok I don't want to sound defensive (I don't feel it) but I was just brushing my teeth and a thought occurred to me; I do see a fair number of negative comments about the games I worked on (just kinda generally, e.g. youtube) and it just occurred to me that:
I was in my teens and early twenties, I was entirely self-taught, I wrote many games on many platforms all entirely on my own (i.e. nobody else coding), in assembler, on primitive tools (I built my own cross assembler ffs), in typically just a few months (6 months for FF was the longest) and was converting games from an arcade machine which was typically substantially more powerful ( the ways that mattered to the game in question) under substantial time constraints (and typically doing the ST port as well)... ..and so, while brushing my teeth thought occurred to me...

"what the fuck is with all these armchair game developers having a go at me?"

I know it sounds defensive but to me it's more funny. Other game developers I know from back in the day (various names you've heard of or not) didn't give me a hard time, some were even quite complimentary...

Anyway, my observation is that (across the web) there's an awful lot of bullshit flying from people who don't know one end of a blitter from another. That's all. Night night!
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