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Originally Posted by Nekoniaow View Post
This is entirely off topic (should I start a new thread?) but did he release more information about this DD project? I only found a YouTube video on his blog so far and it's hard to say if he is 100% serious about it or if he is just playing around.
I agree but have no idea - although that echoes how I got into this mess
Once it becomes clear that it's viable it's difficult to stop - but by far the most time consuming aspect is the coding of the various moves and interactions in the beginning. It's for this reason I waited until I had a basic demo up and running of the first basic engine before (somewhat apprehensively if excitedly) presenting here - people are always unsure about how far something like this will go. He may spring it on us suddenly when he gets something going - but I guess he'll keep us updated on his blog since he's gone about it this way.
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