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Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
I must precise that the blaming part was written tongue in cheek. But after re-reading my post it's clear that it doesn't convey my state of mind properly and sounds way too self important.

But I'm glad I helped you finally see the light.

This said I would have preferred you to give more details about your efforts to convince your bosses that the result would be sub par. You probably had way more clout at the time of FF inside your company than I ever had in my first company so historically it would be interesting to hear what kind of arguments were opposed to you and how you countered (if you did).

I would love to know what was the real reason behind the clear under budgeting of relatively high profile titles: incompetence? low profitability? desire to simply profit from a license without a care for the end result? etc.

But yes, the tone of my post was way too preachy. I deserve your sarcasm.
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