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Good day to you fluffy creatures!


I am doing things in the wrong order since I created an account a few weeks ago and have already been posting left and right on the forums but I hope it's not too late for a proper presentation.

It will seem quite weird but I'm led back to the Amiga after almost 20 years of separation by my desire to practice the language Haskell. I'm a programmer by trade in the video games industry and have been coding in c/c++, python, c# and some other very classic imperative languages but I have a soft spot for the fantastic possibilities offered by Haskell although I was struggling to find small-to-mid size projects on which I could learn the ropes. Since the Amiga is a much less complex platforms than nowadays PCs and consoles and requires a simpler tool and game pipeline I thought I could both have fun coding back on the Amiga and get my hands dirty with some Haskell practice by coding the necessary tools.

Since I entered the industry in 1998 I obviously never had a chance to develop any game for the Amiga but I did code a lot on it though while in the university before I finally switched to the PC, then the Mac. So it is also a nice way to realize a dream I had as a late teen way before I became a professional coder. Although I have absolutely zero regrets to work and play on PC and Macs these days the machine clearly still has a special place in my heart.

I still have my Amigas (2x500/1200/CD32) but since I live in Canada and left them at my parent's place in France I had to get myself an A500 on EBay, ordered an Amiga Forever so to have legal and official ROMS for emulation and started digging back into the good old RKMs to re-familiarize myself with the creature. Even after all these years I'm still amazed at the simplicity and elegance of the machine although with 20+ years of experience it's also much easier to see drawbacks that I never thought of at the time!

I found out that the EAB seemed a nice place to roam around and talk about various Amiga related topics so I dug a small nest in an unused corner from which I'll be interacting with you from time to time.

Thanks for having me and see you all soon on the forums!
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