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Originally Posted by Pecosbil View Post
OS4, at least in its current state, can't use any of the "other" types of memory that WinUAE offers - as main memory that is. It's too bad that OS4 dev-team decided to use zorro3 ram expansions as swap only. On a real hw that's understandable (because it's too slow) but under emulation it would be as fast as any other...
It is indeed "too bad", but OS 4.1, even FE, preceeded WinUAE being capable of running PPC - at least the majority of development was already finished before WinUAE with PPC support was available. And it was/is designed to run on real hardware - it has no knowledge of WinUAE.

The proper place to voice your concerns [about the memory setup in AmigaOS 4.1 FE Classic] is directly to Hyperion Management.
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