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Hello Amiga peeps

Hiya peoples,

I use to be absolutely crazy about the Amiga when I was younger. I used to collect all the demos and make my own little games in Amos. I also dabbled a bit in 68k assembler with Devpac a little and had fun disassembling code in games with Action replay to make amusing things happen which usually resulted in crashing the game. I used to have fun sampling strange noises and making my own awful music in Protracker.

I thought at the time that the Amiga would be forever. I started out with a simple A500 and then about 5 years later got an A1200. I was so gutted when Commodore started failing and eventually went under. How could this happen? I sold my Amigas and I hated the PC's of that era and quickly became disillusioned with where computers were going. I didn't submit and get a PC for 10 years afterwards. There were loads of times I grieved for the glorious days of the Amiga and regretted selling them.

I owned a couple of consoles that were fun but nothing was as much fun as owning an Amiga. It felt like a family member had died. I got into playing guitars and noticed some guitarists on youtube made covers of computer and console game music, it got me thinking about old Amiga games. I got in touch with an old friend I hadn't seen for a while who owned an Amiga when I did and since started nostalically collecting Amiga stuff. I longed to get another Amiga but I felt it just wouldn't be the same as the glory days.

I have since been discovering that there is still quite a scene going with people collecting, modding and enjoying Amigas still. I'll be 40 years old in 2 weeks. Maybe it's a mid life crisis of sorts? But I felt that I just had to get another Amiga. I know it's going to be difficult to start from scratch again. I used to have somewhere in the region of 3,000 floppies. I've bought an A1200 and I'm going to see where my journey into the Amiga world again takes me.

I thought that the Amiga was dead but now I realise it can be forever, it's up to us, the fans and owners, proud owners of this great machine.
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