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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Yes. By working in the IT industry (not the video-game side that is), buying a licence without asking and getting the original assets is a joke, and in this regard, i can't believe how amateurish most companies were.
I fully agree, this is blatant incompetence.

In this regard, Rich is not faulty at all, since he was just executing the job they gave him.
This is where I disagree because this assumes that the employee has zero influence and would immediately get fired if he insisted on particular requirements.

I have been working in the video games industry since 1998 and I know what kind of pressures lie on developers's shoulders but part of being a professional is about facing your boss and telling them the diplomatic equivalent of "sorry, I'm the expert here, I will do this but these technical conditions must be met first". In Richard's case that would have been something like "give me latitude to contact Capcom and obtain first hand data from them, you don't even need to get involved, I'll handle everything".

When you have technical and professional expertise and enough self respect you ought to grab yourself by the guts and tell management what is acceptable and what is not because that's why a coder salary is higher than that of other job roles in the industry: because no one else can do it. That sounds horribly pretentious and I cringe while re-reading it but it's a fact.

Coders are rare creatures, very rare. And they were even rarer at that time so there's no way Richard would have been fired if he had been insistent about doing the thing right: how else would they have gotten that game through the door? It's not like they had an army of coders both willing to work for free and actually capable knocking at their doors.

Essentially I'm blaming you Richard for having been young and not insistent enough. Just like I was when I entered the industry. God knows I'd kick myself in the jewels to be more assertive if I could redo it all.

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