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Just want to say thanks to imagine publishing for even making an Amiga book/mag, yes I'm sure you could say they looked at the kickstarter for Amiga book and thought hay we got a lot of content on Amiga over the years in retro gamer lets take all them articles and put them in one mag, which some might seem lazy and not really worth bothering about especially if you get Retro Gamer all the time anyway, but for me this is Brilliant! I kinda wanted to buy the odd mag when they had Amiga stuff in there but held off as usually there not that much else of interest and it is a bit pricey at £5 a mag so for a £10 I've got pretty much all the stuff I'm into in one mag is great!

Like many have said it is a bit A500 focus, I was hoping for more on all the Amigas but then again this gives me hope that they will do a volume 2 that focus more on the A1200 and CD32 games and i will be sure to get my copy!

PS: little vid of Amiga goodies I got the other day including this mag
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Thanks again Retro gamer!
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