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Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
Does anyone know if the point and click adventure skeleton disk ever got released as previewed below - and if so does anyone have a copy in their disk box?
I dont think it was ever finished, as I never saw even a demo made with it, and I bought the 50 games made in reality pack, I never saw the racing game either, however I think I did have the beat em up game, not the editor just a demo for it, it was ok. it felt like the platform games made in reality really just held in place, when I went though my Amiga disks a few year ago I never came across it again.

I still feel the best undiscovered editor for the Amiga was The Game Engine feature in one of the Amiga Format magazine, I wish that had been found.

PS: Anyone remember a game call Bounce, I just found that the other day and completely forgot about the fact that it featured a level editor. Good old days.
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