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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
But it's felt like a betrayal to have an amiga version just a little better than the st version when you compare them to the best amiga 500 natives games.
Sure, it'd have been better for everone if the ST had never existed. :-) The ST was unfortunately far too similar to the Amiga in terms of h/w for most companies not to use the same GFX (and often 99% the same code)

It'd slightly disagree (in terms of my games) with "not fully optimized Amiga ports" - I loved the Amiga and always did that version first - apart from the GFX color depth Amiga FF took full advantage of the Amiga (OCS) hardware. Did I miss anything? Dual playfield was useless as a gfx mode, and hardware sprites equally useless for this kind of game. Everything else got used to the maximum extent possible (incl 1MB ram and even a 2nd disk drive). Shame about the in-game music; with hindsight I'd have really pushed harder for that.

Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
what happens to the double dragon 1 gfx !!! the game is good, but the gfx ??? what happened to them ???
The artists used a (monochrome) frame grabber on the arcade board, and manually tidied them up and recolored them. Lame - but it was all business.

Me ripping the FF graphics was something I did entirely because I wanted to (being frustrated with the results of artists doing it by hand).

I think that's the thing to remember; arcade conversions were 100% business for everyone in the hierarchy - except most of the artists and programmers, who basically did it for the love of working on games (and a pretty meager salary).

With the original PCBs the games had to be fun to get you to play+pay more, sales of the arcade PCBs were directly related to their weekly earnings in the arcades (stats were published in a trade magazine and very well known by arcade owners - all machines have built in accounting for example) but with conversions the customer paid just once so... that's capitalism for ya :-(

It would have been nice to have Amiga FF run in at least 32 color mode and use separate sets of 16 colors for the sprites and backgrounds - in fact I vaguely recall I looked at doing that but... didn't happen.

Another example; certainly nobody ever even asked me to implement the attract sequence for FF - in fact if I'd said I was doing it they'd have said "no, no, just get on with the game", I just implemented it (perfectly, including the "Winners Don't Use Drugs"!) because I wanted to. Similarly, it was me that 'borrowed' the (awesome) title music from a demo - Jolyon Myers didn't even get paid for it (!) although I tried my best, and obviously gave him a credit in the game. I believe there's no hard feelings from him on that.

But yeah, original games were certainly much better tweaked for the Amiga (e.g. Shadow Of The Beast etc having practically every aspect of the game custom-designed around the hardware limitations)

Of course if I did Final Fight for modern hardware I'd simply emulate the original board; Arcade Emulators are (were) tremendous fun to write.
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