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also i remembered, for ages i thought it was saying "Into the Waterfall"!

also i watched the end of the longplay last night to see how it ended, was entertained to discover it reverts to one of the oldest obsolete tropes in the computer game book... which is that it starts again, only harder. As if anyone would want to play it through again a second time. I'd need to take a week off after all that.

we could call a new incarnation "Gilgamesh" though, because in the Babylonian epic our hero has the same quest for immortality. We could roughly follow the same plot as well. Now that's edutainment!

another thing that occurred to me is how often in older games, before the charismatic character became standard, was that the hero didn't even have an identity: because the hero is YOU. So there was the expectation of immersion, back when graphics capabilities weren't good enough to render a recognisable character, we were expected to use our imaginations to put ourselves in the place of the little coloured blobs. In Gods the hero is never named by the introductory text, he is simply "our hero", and we never see his face. Are we invited to imagine ourselves in his place?

Which made me wonder. How come so many Amiga games feature as their hero a muscular man in his underpants?
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