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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
As for Agony - its a bitch, but its still a Psygnosis bitch.
This should have been a disclaimer on all psygnosis game boxes

I like Apidya too. Smooth, well defined gfx, playable and above average music. People might flame me for saying this but, I hate the fact that death results in loss or power-ups in Shoot 'Em ups. These games are already hard enough without the added kick in the face of having your weapons stripped, I much prefer the route disposable heroes took with the energy bar and keeping weapons after death. They still managed to make a challenging and playable game using this rule set, makes me wonder why so few games followed this design.

It's for these reasons I rarely ever go back to playing Project X, even though it's such an iconic Amiga game loaded with nostalgia. I think a lot of this punishment vs reward ratio applies to platform games too, with Amiga games offering a slightly less forgiving experience than what you'd find on console.

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