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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I would believe most Amiga developers actually had experience with the 8 bits machine , isn't that true?

I still think Bitmap Brothers had no idea of what makes a good game, and when they made it right, it was pure luck. There are only 2 games from them which I think are really good: Speedball 2 and The Chaos Engine. Everything else goes from average (Xenon 1, Gods) to really dreadful (Xenon 2). But all their games look good and they had excellent relationships with the magazines, which is enough to make a game hyped (regarding the stuff with magazines, that's the only explanation I have for the mediocre Project-X getting a lot more of praise than the GODFULLY AWESOME Apidya)

And the fact they have produced at least 3 remakes of Speedball 2, and all of them sucked badly is a sign for me that they had no idea of what made Speedball 2 so good.
All their stuff with Mark Coleman is overrated junk.
They were lucky in their career to have an amazing artist like Dan Malone on board to draw stuff for them, and magazines of the time pretty much hyped about everything about them and gave favorable reviews of average games like Xenon 2. Oh yes magazines favored some games and buried others, believe it or not, for their reasons.
Some of their games though was excellent like Speedball 2, i think they worked really hard on this and Chaos Engine.
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