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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
So from the test menu you can get everything cool

@ dlfrsilver can you upload the tile set and map data for level 1 I want to have a look.
I don't think it was really useful in such a way - certainly I couldn't get the tiles. It had some use for checking animations, and noting the hit boxes. I cannot actually say what the Capcom engineers used it for exactly, but it seems likely that it was purely for auditing purposes. As I recall there are 2 test screens - I think accessed by holding either of the start buttons, and maybe even by selecting audit from the mame menu first.
As Rich says it could be used to record the sounds - there are a few left to do, Guy has at least 1 voice sample I need to get - his kiai when doing a forward flying kick.

We got the tiles from a variety of sources, including mame ripping from Turri and Denis, but by and large these backgrounds have now been ripped on - which was not the case several months ago.

I converted these back into tiles after re-colouring and mapped them again.
I say that as if the job is finished - it isn't.

Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
So after sorting out all the ripping and gfx converting, and deciding which sprite frames to drop and so on, there was the simple matter of rewriting all the game logic and gameplay data from scratch...
It would have been really awesome to have reused code/program data from the PCB, and I looked at it for a day or two before realizing I was running out of time rapidly and it was a ridiculously risky thing to pursue...

I still think that was the right decision; having much more sophisticated hardware tools (logic analyzers, ROM emulators, etc, which I did have later at Codemasters) - or of course MAME(!!) would have made it more within the realms of possibility, although still a very risky option.
Really I'd have had to fully disassemble the entire game code and data blocks, figure out all the h/w (actually that wasn't too hard; did a lot of it) and then isolate the gameplay logic, rebuilt it to use a lot less sprite frames.. etc..etc.. etc...
MAME would be the ideal tool for the job of course. fact that would make rather a nice project for someone now; rip the original gameplay code+data out of the arcade roms and splice it into AGA FF.... Go on! I dare you!
Lol, it seems that the way you used the tile data is already much more like the arcade - maybe you could splice the data into the original conversion!
I'd love to get hold of the data, and perhaps I could implement some of it in Blitz. But then I'm some way in now - I'd say the game is over 50% complete, with most of the remaining work being in putting all the remaining gfx in and scripting the boss fights, sorting out the individual AI.

If someone beat me to it and managed to do a completely new version of the game using the data and gfx from the original Amiga conversion then that would be awesome! I'm sure I'd feel relieved, and I've still got my engine - written from scratch. Free, I tell ya... free on the wind! (Torn polythene bag) =).
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