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Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
Due to the large amount of labor involved in that there was zero chance of them doing separate ST and Amiga graphics sets.
I think this is why some arcade ports had bad publicity in the amiga community, but societies had to win money, the rights for a so much big arcade hit was surely high and they had to make profits first, doing separate ST and Amiga graphics sets was surely financially risky. But it's felt like a betrayal to have an amiga version just a little better than the st version when you compare them to the best amiga 500 natives games. This is of course not the fault of the artists who worked on the conversions they had to follow the decisions of the publishers and these societies was there to make profits and like the atari st was the 1st market at this time, it leads to not fully optimized amiga ports. But i often ask myself what could have been theses games if they were ported 1st for the amiga in mind ??? I think, this is why, it's felt like a mess. But this how the world is done,the profits first, and it's always the case today and perhaps even more.
But you know that when you are fanatic about a sytem, you don't think about that and you just feel bad about some atari st -> amiga ports and i don't think first about your games Mr Aplin when i told this, like i said i like double dragon 2 or line of fire, at this time it was good games, i always had good feelings about thses games... It's just of course my pov, some will agree, others won't.
ps: what happens to the double dragon 1 gfx !!! the game is good, but the gfx ??? what happened to them ??? Thanks for your answers.
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