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It's not really any different to setting up PPC on a real Amiga. First follow a guide for setting up OS3.9 (there are lots of these around) such as johnims picture guide for Classic Workbench 3.9:

Once you have 3.9 running you'll want to setup WinUAE to have PPC support, I suggest you enable the following options:

Chipset Tab; Extra Chipset A4000
Rom; use KS3.1 40.68 for A4000
Ram; Advanced memory settings choose 'CyberStormPPC'

You will need the Rom file for CSPPC (this should be in 'The Zone' still)

You will need the QEMU plugin installed in your WinUAE directory (see here: )

You will need to install the following files within OS3.9 to enable PPC support:

WarpOS 4 + 5.1 update; You can get them here:

Install them both and then after restart your Amiga (Emulator)

That's it, you're done and ready to try some WarpOS software, try ADoomWOS and QuakeWOS on Aminet (you will need the WAD files for Doom and the ID1 folder from a PC install of Quake)

Next step would be to install some kind of RTG, either Emulating a PicassoIV and installing Picasso96 or using UAEGFX* for RTG.

I've not tested UAEGFX and PPC support yet so I can't confirm if this combination works. If you go PicassoIV you will need the Rom file which again is probably in the zone.

I hope this points you in the right direction!
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