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Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
The point about mascot-itis is a good one, but I don't think it coincided with any particular increase in the amount of polish; something like Awesome Possum might've looked a little bit nicer than a lot of the pre-mascot platformers, but it was just as terrible from a design standpoint, and Bubsy was a poop sandwich even before the infamously terrible Playstation game.
By coincided i only mean that both trends were happening at the same time, not that one was the cause of the other. There were certainly still "unpolished" games being produced, but the rules of platform game design were being established, conventions were emerging. Of course even once you know the rules it is still possible to implement them extremely badly.

I never heard of Awesome Possum, but one thing i find interesting is that it uses an information panel at the top of the screen, with the character's face on it and everything. That is more usual of Amiga games than console games. Also they clearly got overexcited by the possibility of using sound samples.
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