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Heh just fired up MAME and the "TEST MENU" for FFIGHT (hit F3, it'll reboot, then hit CTRL and ALT) has a menu option "Character test" where you can scroll through all the sprite tiles... there are 0x2200 16x16 tiles, each in 16 colors = 1MB data; you can also switch palettes through the 32 palettes used (it appears to use all 32 palettes).
Also pressing 'A' lets you cycle through the "Stage" (i.e. game level) and a couple of the palettes change with that also.

You can also see the other stuff like the 8x8 "Scroll 1" top layer map (character sets plus a bunch of the intro gfx) there's 2048 of those, plus "Scroll 2" (foreground, 4096 16x16 tiles = 512k data) plus "Scroll 3" (640 32x32 tiles = 327k data)

It's pretty fun; you can also see (in Scroll 2 and 3) at the end some level-editing tiles (for showing collision maps I assume) and joke things they put in

It doesn't let you scroll around the level maps but it's interesting nonetheless.

The "Output Test" menu lets you scroll through the sound fx (handy for sampling if you need to)

Heh cute..

Also fired up FF on WinUAE - reminded me it's 4-bitplane (16 colors). Yeah, it's not terribly fun is it. I didn't much enjoy it on MAME either but that's IMHO :-)

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