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If most people are feeling it's the gameplay and lack of music in Amiga FF that's lacking; actually they'd both be relatively straightforward to modify just by hacking it; adding in-game music (assuming extra chip RAM) would be really easy (just have to sort out the priority of music notes vs in-game sfx).
Changing the gameplay; I really don't think it'd be that hard to just chop out the player and AI control and replace it; I'd imagine I did the character control in a reasonably generic way (i.e. it'd be easy IIRC to switch your character to play as a baddie, albeit with differences in available moves/sprite frames), and stuff like the timing+positioning of the animation sequences, collision boxes, how long it takes to recover from a hit, etc would have all been driven with simple tables...
There's zero chance I still have the source code, but it was all written in assembler and by that time I couldn't be bothered with putting in complex copy protection or anything (BTW I really enjoyed reading the "how to crack Double Dragon 2" article that someone wrote) so you could probably run it through IDA or something and get something fairly useful...
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