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Big grin language difficulties

that reminds me of a certain Eric Bogle song:

ahem <sings>

"Do you remember the day,
When if you said that you were gay,
It meant that joy, you could sing and shout,

A fairy was enchanting,
And dressing up and camping,
Was something you did with the scouts,

That carefree age when an urgent case of aids,
Was powdered milk we sent to the Sahara,
A fruit was something nice to eat,
A pouf was something for your feet,
And a queen was an old tart in a tiara,

Ah look what we've done to the old mother-tongue,
It's a crime the way we misuse it,
It's been totally diswoggled,
condemnbonged and gollywaggled,
And we've stranged, frangled, mangled and abused it,
end chorus

Ah, those far off times,
When a bong mean't a chime,
And a buzz was a noise insecticidal,

A joint was something between bones,
And getting really stoned,
Only happened to bad people in the Bible,

When if you had a bad trip,
It mean't you fell and broke your hip,
Cold turkey just mean't Christmas at Aunt Dotty's
Coke was something that you burned,
Smack was something that you eared,
From your mumsy-wumsy when you had been naughty,

Insert chorus here

The years have gone I'm afraid,
When only eggs got laid,
And only the rhinoceros got horny,

Only kangaroos jumped,
And only camels humped,
Getting stuffed meant a little taxidermy,

Swinging wars for trapezezes,
Or Tarzan's chimpanzezes,
Tossing off was something Scotland did with cabers,
Ah, would be something quite obscene,
And a heavy ugly scene,
As any movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Insert chorus here x2

They're only words,
And words are what we use,
When we've got sod all to say"
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