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Originally Posted by roboto View Post
AmigaOS 4.1 Classic runs very well, boots up in about 20 seconds into Workbench,
some gfx glitches in 1024x768 resolution but thats ok.
If 16bit Picasso IV display mode: fixed in 3.1 betas.

Then set up fixed ip adresses (i don´t have DHCP enabled in my network):
You must use DHCP in Amiga-side. Slirp networking emulates DHCP. Host-side uses your Windows IP. There is no virtual networking adapter in Windows side.

I also tried DHCP, as i don´t know how WinUAE handles network access.
No chance, cannot ping outside nor my local network...
It is normal, ping won't work. (Slirp does not support ICMP, only TCP and UDP are supported)
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