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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
In saying that, there are a lot of crap Snes platformers out there(Waynes World), and only a handful of true classics.
And in the end the Snes was simply swamped with generic platform games, which although they mostly played ok, they just felt the same as the last 20 other platform games that came out before it.
I do agree with the basic premise that the platformer formula generally got more polish on the SNES than it did on the Amiga, but this bears a lot of repeating. People remember the all-time classics of SNES platformers (Mario, Mega Man, Metroid,) but there were tons and tons of other platformers ranging from middling to absolutely wretched that have simply faded into history and been forgotten everywhere but a few sites like Hardcore Gaming 101. (Of course, there were also a few diamonds in the rough like Magical Pop'n, but you know the saying about 90% of everything being crap...)
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