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I've just received my copy in the post at last.

I haven't got time to read it at the moment, typical it turns up on a busy day, but never mind at least it's here now.

It doesn't appear to be much bigger than a magazine, but I'm glad I purchased it anyway, its not like its going to break the bank being only a tenner.

I've always wanted Retro Gamer to release an Amiga Book, and we have sort of got one now, I say sort of as would have preferred a bit of content on other model Amiga's apart from the 500 even if it was only the smaller machines like 600, 1200 etc.

I understand most of the book, is old content from retro gamer with a few pages of new content, but I feel a lot more content could have been added if more time was taken in making it, even information on all the different machines would have given a few more pages etc.

Anyway like I said, I'm happy that I've got my copy now.
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