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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
In saying that, there are a lot of crap Snes platformers out there(Waynes World), and only a handful of true classics.
And in the end the Snes was simply swamped with generic platform games, which although they mostly played ok, they just felt the same as the last 20 other platform games that came out before it.

Maybe "franchise fatigue" played a part in this too, Capcom being the biggest offender, mega man series springs to mind, then there's Sega with Sonic.. Fantastic games with tight controls and great music but then replicated over and over..Not that the Amiga didn't do this, sensible soccer?..Although in sensible's case this seemed more a necessity to stay in business?

If I can think of a modern day comparison it would be "Call Of Duty", sucks up so much money that developers end up making clones killing innovation. You need the eccentrics to make games, stop things getting stale even if they don't sell by the bucket load.
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