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When comparing Amiga platformers to Snes etc, you have to take into account that most Amiga games were made by only a few guys most of the time, for small companies with low budgets.
Nintendo and co. would of had much larger teams and budgets, plus they had to make very good games for there console to sell well and succeed, they relied on this otherwise no one would of bought there consoles.

The Amiga didn't have to rely on games to succeed, and it certainly didn't have to rely on platform games to make it a viable longterm seller.
Nintendo crafted a console pretty much to play platform games and they perfected there skills at making them, but in a lot of other genres the consoles like the Snes simply sucked where is the Amiga covered all genres fairly well.

In saying that, there are a lot of crap Snes platformers out there(Waynes World), and only a handful of true classics.
And in the end the Snes was simply swamped with generic platform games, which although they mostly played ok, they just felt the same as the last 20 other platform games that came out before it.

The same could be said for the Megadrive as what i have said about the Snes.
If all you want to play is platform mario clones then go play a console, for the rest of the genres the Amiga was unbeatable in a lot of ways.
Plus as many have pointed out on here, the Amiga did have a decent share of good platform games, and i also agree with others here that not every platform game has to be a mario clone.

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