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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
We love Amiga but lets face the truth. If you take out Flashback, Arabian Nights, James Pond 2, Lionheart most platform games play like public domain on the Amiga.
Now why would anyone drop the system for consoles if the Amiga had so many great platform games and the known fact that you could buy copied games in the streets? It would be insane.
Truth is that those games paled compared to the magnificence of Super Metroid or Super Mario World, Contra 3, Megaman X, Castlevania plus many others that no need to add.
And Gods yes is an average game, never seen it in a list of best games for consoles even though it existed on SNES/Megadrive. Now why is that? Let me tell you. Controls sucks, the guy you control can't jump after a newspaper even though he is a god, to pick up an item you have to be Billy Mitchell himself, plus this Greek-like god that you control is much, much slower that the enemies which makes the gameplay based mostly on luck rather than skills.
I think that's crap tbh, they don't play like PD at all, trouble with console gamers today is if a character doesn't jump like Mario then its a shit game, not at all, platform games can be what they like, same for fighting games, if its not SF2 its crap...yawn, a fun game is a fun game end of, the gameplay mechanics can be what they like.
Yes you can list the best 5 snes games, but among those are 50 average platform games that make the Amiga games shine, the Megadrive and SNES died amongst a plethora of dodgy platform bubsy the bobcat games.

But i say it again, the way the character jumps doesn't define how fun and good a platform game is.

Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
Amigajay - some of those games were developed at the same time for Amiga and consoles.
Which ones? Bubba N Stix was in parallel, the others the Amiga was lead platform or was released first.

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