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Whilst a few may look pretty dated now, don't forget a lot of Amiga platform games were rated at the time, also proof of point that a lot got ported to consoles due to popularity and reviews, yes not all are on the scale of Metroid etc but who cares when a fun game is a fun game, which what the Amiga was all about.
Anyhow here's a few Amiga platform games that got ported to consoles (sorry if this has been posted before, hadn't read all 28 pages!)

Bubba N Stick, Bubble & Squeak, Chuck Rock, Fire And Ice, Flashback, James Pond 2, Jim Power, Leander, Putty, Risky Woods, First Samurai, Second Samurai, Soccer Kid, SOTB 1, 2, Turrican 2 (series continued on console), Zool 1,2.

Then of course great exclusives like Arabian Nights, Lionheart, Kid Chaos, Odyssey, Ruff N Tumble, Traps N Treasures.

And others like Aladdin, Superfrog and Flink.

So imo the Amiga had some great platform games, certainly not mediocre at all.
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