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I think I could write my two cents here too.
I like GODS, sure it's BitmapBrotherhood game and it's hard, but stop thinking about it like a platform game where You can easy rush from left side to righ in few seconds jumping over every obstacle, it's more maze game where aproch is bit slower and there's some puzzle to solve. It also have lot of secrets that incerase replay value in my opinion. It's great game, bit hard.
As for Arabian Nights, yes it's underated. There are some diversion in what You are doing in each level, but what is more important - there is plot in levels, You solve puzzles to get items that are useful for You, there are also those speech bubles - something rare for amiga platform games. Level progression is more logic than in Oscar or Trolls.
It is not that every Amiga platform game is crap and every one on SNES is brillant ground breaking title. I would say that Amiga just have higher ratio of crap games to good ones, that's all. Maybe it's also related to staff that makes games, like how many people work on it and if there is someone to manage it as a project and keep it on good quality level, responisble for game-play-mechanics desing.
Super Methane Bross (just one exapme, but there are more games too) is perfect example of game on same level of quality gameplay desing as SNES/arcade games.
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