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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
Even if I didn't like any of your Amiga games and used some harsh words to talk about Amiga Final Fight, I have all the respect for people working on games at that time, and I should've used better words to talk about your work.
Heh it's fine, some of the Youtube comments are a hundred times nastier. I certainly don't take personal offense, I find it somewhat amusing that people get so worked up about something that really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things; it's really juvenile, yet (I assume) that the people commenting were around when the Amiga was so are in their 30s/40s now.

I totally won't pretend I enjoy playing any of those games; actually I found that working in the industry tends to kill your enjoyment of playing videogames; it's like working in a candy factory ... actually worse because during development you spend a lot of time playing the same (incomplete) game levels over and over and over again and it stops being fun very quickly.

There's a few games (other people's) I did enjoy (e.g. the Mario games are amazingly creative and fun) but nowadays I make a point of not working professionally on anything that has much of a user-interface; be it websites or videogames; if it's "customer facing" that means you get a ton of bug reports saying things like "Make the font bigger" (then a day later "Make it smaller again"!) or "Move it left 10 pixels" or "doesn't work on this one Android device" and after months on a project those things get really irritating.

I like the under-the-hood technical challenges myself :-)

I tend to do either backend server-side or embedded systems work nowadays; both opposite ends of the geekin' spectrum, but in both cases clients are able to define quite precisely what they want upfront and don't tend to change their mind much, also you don't have to deal with lots of of slightly incompatible web-browsers/phones/etc.

On one embedded project (a hearing aid with two buttons and an LED for a user interface) I did get a bug report saying "Make the LED more yellow!" but generally it's a lot less frustrating to work on.

On the server stuff the only things people tend to care about are "is it done yet?" and "will it still work with X million users?" both of which are fairly easy to answer.

So yeah, "Amiga Final Fight is a shitty conversion".. sure, whatever. I agree it's a shame it didn't have in-game music, but that was out of my control. I'm still fairly happy with FF from a purely technical perspective - much moreso than say Double Dragon 1, DD2, Line Of Fire, etc.

It's nice to come to this thread and see someone having another go at converting it, on hardware that's only moderately more capable than I had to target. I'm personally a bit mystified why anyone would bother, in 2015, but... that's the joy of hobbies, you don't have to justify them.

Actually I just made so I clearly spend time on frivolous geeky things :-)
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