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Floppy disk Free music for your productions

I've made a bunch of chiptunes I don't see myself using in any of my productions, so I figured I'd make them available for others to use. One pack contains chiptunes suitable for cracktros/intros/etc. and another pack contains larger songs possibly suitable for games/demos.

I've tried to remove ones that have been already used in some productions but some may have still slipped through. Some tunes make use of the EFx command, and I've included a modified version (changed by Ross and myself) of the P61 playroutine that plays the effect the way it sounds in the ProTracker editor.

Feel free to use any of them for anything you wish, all I ask is that you credit me ("hukka" or "hukka/void") as the composer and preferably let me know what you made!

Chiptunes, updated link

You can also have a listen to the soundtrack I composed for the Flash game Legend of Kalevala. (It used Amiga mods to save on bandwidth.)

EDIT Feb 2018: Updated with a new URL for an updated chiptune pack.

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