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If i may sum it up as an homage to the old Mac ads...

The thing about Gods is that it was one of those old-fashioned platform games where you had no control over jumping whatsoever... you either jumped, or you didn't. You couldn't control the height or the distance. The only way to jump onto a specific thing was to jump from exactly the right place, and once you jumped you were committed to it. The Dizzy games were even worse for this because even after you landed you'd keep rolling! You had to find exactly the right spot to jump from to get onto some of the smaller platforms.

This is the same behaviour we had in Manic Miner et al, where so much as touching a shrub would kill you instantly without warning. Another game dynamic that went out of fashion is dying if you fall down too far. Japanese designers learnt to dispense with these things because they don't add to anyone's enjoyment and only lead to rage quits - the feeling that your failing was the game's fault because the control system just wouldn't admit a perfectly reasonable request. In Amigaland we seemed quite slow to catch on.

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