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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
It's the method used in Final Fight by capcom. It's not evident first hand, but when you look carefully, you see that the animation and the box speed moving are decoupled. Look how different it is from any amiga or even console animation.
Analyse the actual movement a little closer and you will see the animation frames are actually moving even when not 'animated', which would not be the case if what you were saying is true. In other words, they are being moved and animated at the same time. Virtually every game I've ever seen uses a similar method for animation.

Consider also this: If the technique you describe is true, the player sprites would need to be offset with every frame of animation as the background scrolls underneath them, or when they are stuck against an object and cannot move - where the animation continues. Consider also when the character walks up the screen - moonwalking all the way =).

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