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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Yes, the multiple sprites are indeed the problem, you're right ^^. About FF intro scenes, you have my work already, don't you remember ?

and about the animations, you understood correctly what i said
I don't appear to have any gfx from the intro in the main folder you sent or recall ever seeing them.
I got the gfx in my roughneck way and converted everything to 64 colours with a consistent palette for the fonts. Turrican3 later ripped the gfx better and used the palette to adapt elements of the megacd intro which I may use when I eventually get around to doing that.

By the way, the animation method you suggested is I'm sure an interesting and cool way to go about it, I've considered doing that before and may well try to implement it in the future! But it's definitely not the method used by Capcom for Final Fight. =)
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