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Hi! :-) Thought I'd swing by to see how it's going, maybe read some more abuse, that kinda thing.
It looks like you look at the abuse with some light-heart approach

It's always awesome to have people who were in the biz back at the time around here, even if it's a guy who worked in a game a lot of people hoped would be better

I've read a few interviews with you, I find funny how you seem to not enjoy scrolling beat'em ups but ended up working on the ports of both Double Dragons and Final Fight on Amiga

I've barely played Double Dragon 1, but I find funny that DD2 and FF on Amiga have similar control schemes and similar problems in the gameplay. I really think the fact you don't like this kind of game says a lot about it. If you can't grasp what makes those games good (And I can understand someone not liking this type of game, while loving Shinobi, which was an awesoem game ), you will easily miss it when doing a port for a lesser machine. I'd prefer smaller/less colorful graphics for better gameplay anyday. Golden Axe, for example, it's a game that isn't half as good as Final Fight on arcades, but the Amiga version kept most of its gameplay very close to the arcade one. I don't know if you've ever seen the port of Super Street Fighter 2 on Amiga. It looked a lot worse than the arcade version (and when I say I lot, I really do mean * A LOT * ), but the gameplay was very, very, very close to the arcade version, so I was very satisfied with it. It still felt like a lousy job, like it could have been done better, but as long as the gameplay is good, I am satisfied.

I never thought Final Fight was badly programmed at all, but I really do think it lost everything the arcade game had of good on its gameplay. It really felt as you didn't know how to make a good beat'em up (or, like I said before, didn't had the time to polish it). The lack of music was really bad too (even more when the Atari ST version actually had music), but I've recently read you actually wanted to put music on the game, but no one gave you music to insert into it.

I see a lot of talking about the CPC version of Shinobi. I never owned a CPC, so I don't know how good it is (The Amiga version was awful), but I promise I'll check it out on an emulator.

Just wanted to show some respect after the abuse. You guys working on developing games back at that time were heroes. I do work with game development nowadays ,and the tools we have today make everything a lot easier. I love to read experiences from people back at the time. I hope you didn't find anything I said about your Amiga games disrespectful. Even if I didn't like any of your Amiga games and used some harsh words to talk about Amiga Final Fight, I have all the respect for people working on games at that time, and I should've used better words to talk about your work.
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