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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
I guess first thing to do is clear up all the fuzz around the Retro Gamer "Amiga Book". Many of us have it on order in the imagine shop stuck on processing, while it released days ago
Not just that but the communication from both imagineshop and retrogamer has been utterly terrible, as stated by the first thread. Not one apology from anyone on the retro gamer facebook group or imagine shop, not one apology from anyone on the retro gamer twitter. Just the same thing, look in your local WHSMITH after being told countless times most WHSMITH's in the south were not selling it. Or told it will be shipped today after knowing full well they couldn't ship for TWO BLOODY WEEKS!

Not one sorry, not one we will look into this and get it sorted, just fobbed off time and time again, even to the point of completely ignoring us and people in the Amiga community.

I was that close to writing a scathing review of Imagineshop and Retro Gamer in this months article on our site. But it is now in the hands of Strider to get it looked into.

Yet it should not have gone this far

ps Imagine shop was also full of false advertising such as all orders being shipped on the monday 5th
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