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I will make some screenshots of how the game could be, I want to try to make some game with Mrs Beanbag in the future.

@Mrs Beanbag, You have to know that:

1- I like Music+SFX in all the games I do.

2- I like to use 16 colors for backgrounds and 16 for HW sprites (main ship and bullets).
(this is only to have more memory and better performance.)

3- I like the copper effect to change some colors on the palette, then, on a vertical map, we can change 8 colors on some parts).

4- I make the maps on TILED editor, I draw the graphics on Promotion, both for Windows, later I load the pictures on Amiga Personal Paint and save in IFF. I work on cross development.

5-I make samples on PC and convert to IFF for Amiga.

6-I need to display some animations, it will be good if you read .anim.

I am finishing a demo for Amiga with a friend(he is the coder), soon you will see.
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