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Nice idea, but needs a bit more work to be really useful...

agl_4.2.library is the QuarkTex (WinUAE only) version.
rtg_40.4024.library and rtg_40.4029.library should be moved to the Picasso96 drawer.
cddb_44.999.library is the FreeDB version and will not work on it's own.
rexxsupport_37.9(WB2.04).library is actually 34.9 the same as all the others. Why duplicate the same library multiple times for WB1 WB2 e.t.c. ? It may cause confusion - just have one copy with the WB version it first appeared in, with a + to show it is also used in newer versions. The date stamps are also misleading in many cases.
There is a rexxsupport_37.9.library reported in LibGuide, but it may be an error... I have rexxsupport_36.9.library and it is the same size as the reported 37.9.
Have lots of newer libs. Will upload...
There are a couple of updated 68k libs from the OS4 betas. Would you be OK about hosting these?
There is a doomsound_38.0.library as reported in LibGuide but it is actually an old version of hereticsound.library and does not work with Doom or the latest Heretic. I can supply it, but it will need to be clearly labelled and is of little use... But may help to prevent later confusion.

Also guigfx_20.0.library is actually the fpu version, I have the complete set of these libraries.
Having trouble connecting to your FTP so have uploaded some of them here.


LHA ignored all the files with brackets, will add these and some new MUI libraries later...
I also have the patched version of popupmenu_10.10.1.library, but have not included it, as I think the author did not want it distributed...???

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