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@ Rich Aplin and Denis: Thanks to both of you for resurrecting something that I had deleted out of apparent drunkenness! I kind of needed that verification that I'm not just talking rubbish I guess...

Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
That's how I got Jessica in her underwear in the intro btw; was in a background tile map.
Well done. =)

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
In clear, the box is moving at a variable speed, and the sprite displayed inside the "128x128 box" the speed is not the same as the one of the box.
That's the secret behind the incredible way the sprites are animated.

To replicate this, you need to make it like this : "4 sprites frames displayed and animated inside the 128x128 box THEN move the box itself 16 pixel right (or left). this makes you think the character is perfectly walking on the ground, exactly like how a human would do.
For the last paragraph - I don't think there is any other way to animate a moving object?
However, moving an object at a variable speed according to the frame of an animation> is perhaps something I will look into. Even so, I'm not sure that's what you mean!

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Just to prove and illustrate what i say, i have fully ripped the final fight intro sequence with the original colors. If leathered want to use it, the whole graphics screens and animations are contained in a unique 64 colors palette, with NO loss of color.
Already done my friend, although I am interested in what you have to show!

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Just look at SSF2T, the conversion from the CPS-2 arcade hardware on A1200. Out of the fact it was rushed and beta when sold, it shows that an A1200 can do a game such as SSF2T very faithfully (again, 256 colors max). SSF2T is superior to FF in every possible way (each character use each 400 sprite frames => 800 all in all not counting the animations on the background.
The biggest difference between the 2 games (aside from the obvious) is that there are only 2 characters on screen for SF2. In fact I perceive that Final Fight is a far more difficult game to fit into the Amiga in this respect (of course I may be mistaken).

Each character for Final Fight using 400 animation frames - yes but these as such are not individual. Taking out the duplicates leaves more like 80 or less for most characters.
I do not store the gfx as tiles but rather the entire frame. It would take a real coder to sort that lot out! =) I'm animating according to the frame numbers once they have been allocated - remember that for blitz there are a total of 1024.

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