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Either way it sure was a bummer to map down to so few colors having extracted pixel-perfect gfx (both for sprites and backgrounds) for the entire game :-( IIRC there were some parts of the background maps that were never used in the arcade game; because they used a tilemap-of-a-tilemap the full-size backgrounds were huge (in some cases with large blank areas) . That's how I got Jessica in her underwear in the intro btw; was in a background tile map.
Jessica's in underwear, and the tiles you say are unused, are used by the japanese code program, not the US or the WORLD release .

Nice for us, the japan version is the best ahah

By the way, which tool and how did you ripped all the background and sprites with their palettes on amiga ? Because when i see the time it took me to process just one sprite with all its frame (8 hours for only one !).

Can you hint me on this matter ?

Yeah sprites are all tilemapped which makes repeated frames etc very inexpensive
You bet it is the 68000 is churning 8kb of tiledata for one enemy sprite to the Video Display Processor. The 68000 never moves any graphic tile.
Tiles are positioned and moved by the VDP, so our dear 68000 never sweat, out of the game logic it has to deal with.
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